Marty Schnapf, 'Sculpture Drawing Sculpture Drawings'
photo credit: Brica Wilcox

Marty Schnapf: Sculpture Drawing Sculpture Drawings

April 25th - May 24th, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 25th, 2015, 7-11pm
Musical performance by Master Class at 8pm

The Property is pleased to present new work by Los Angeles based artist Marty Schnapf and musical performance by Brooklyn based electronic duo Master Class.

In Sculpture Drawing Sculpture Drawings, Marty Schnapf continues to explore the perceptual concurrence of individuality and indivisibility. Drawn while in a self-induced trance, Schnapf's ongoing Lineament series confronts the impossible task of willful release as he attempts to surrender his hand to the appearance of preternatural visages. Meanwhile, convoluting the navigability of the gallery, a room sized sculpture, Seven Brides For Seven Brothels, invites viewers to enter the post-coital curve of successive right angles.

Based in Los Angeles, multidisciplinary artist Marty Schnapf has exhibited work throughout the US and internationally including at Vooruit, in Ghent, Kaaistudios in Brussels, 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, The Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Ballhaus Ost in Berlin, and Caranza 25 in Mexico City.